About the Lion Park

The Lion Park, situated in the middle of the Johannesburg – Pretoria complex, is an eco-tourism destination that focuses on the well-being and regeneration of the various species, in particular the endangered Wild Dog, the rare White Lion and Cheetah. We are neither a game reserve or a Zoo, but rather a breeding ground and sanctuary for important species.

Secondary to our mission is the ability to provide an opportunity for people, both local and overseas tourists, to learn more about these wonderful African animals.
Large grazing areas for the antelope and giraffe have been established – here you will see zebra, giraffe, gemsbok, springbuck, Blesbok to mention a few. They are free to roam the area and visitors are able to view them from close proximity.
The carnivore camps are separated, housing four prides of lion, a clan of cheetah, wild dog and hyena. The lion are protected from one another by barriers and fences to prevent the different prides from attacking one another as by nature, lions are fiercely protective of their territory and will become aggressive if other lions or prides enter their domain. 
Most of the lions at the Park have their origins from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Northern Gauteng and Botswana. When necessary, to avoid inbreeding we introduce new lions from other areas. 
Visitors to Lion Park will see first-hand the comfortable conditions we provide and how the animals have prospered.
Paul Walker visits the Lion Park Timbaland at the Lion Park Shakira with a white lion cub Shakira Shakira visited the Lion Park Shakira visiting the Lion Park Shakira at the Lion Park Riley Steele Nani